If you do not pay for services after we upheld our end of the contract, we have a clear stipulation on this, it is called delinquency. And much like a home in foreclosure, you must pay the current charges in full OR return the product with impacted credit. Since SEO is unable to be returned, as it is a "service" and not a physical product, we legally must have a monetary payment. If one is not made. We will issue a suit to the legal court system. Once a judge has reviewed the contract and upheld the suit, we will obtain all non-tangible property, monetary claims and issue a collections if payment plan is not created within 30 days of judgement. A collections issued will put judgement of the debt into all global records for 20 years for future lenders and firms.

NOTE: If you are filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, all monetary claims can be forgiven, but all non-tangible property is still owed.

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