Why Aren't The Links Indexed Yet

Let's face it, no matter how much you know about Google and SEO, it's always changing. That's why you pay us so much! To be at the forefront of knowledge regarding ranking in search engines and creating a successful online business.


When it comes down to indexing. What works this year, probably won't next year. We used to have 100% index rates by just pinging a website or the backlinks we built at SharkPing for FREE! That was 2010.


Then in 2013 we started having to pay $$$ (large monies) to have companies perform pings via global servers, and constantly switch up the IPs (which gets expensive). We achieved a 93% index rate! But again, that was 2013.


Then we switched to awesome services like Lindexed, OneHourIndexing and Pingly for our services, paying upwards of $2,000 a month (less than before) to get your links indexed. But even then, the success rates are around 86% with the best of all services. Why? Because that was 2014.


Here we are TODAY. And the same question gets asked to us. "Why aren't ALL or ANY of my links indexed yet!" And the answer has stayed the same. Just see this DigitalPoint Forum post on Google indexing links. The short answer, "Don't panic. Google won't index your backlinks right after you make them. It may take a while. If the job is well done you will see the results in the next period."


And that next period depends on the industry. Which adds ANOTHER factor into WHY or WHEN those links will be indexed. So you can understand why telling you in "simple terms" why the links aren't showing up in your SEO back link checker tool AS OF YET, is hard. Beyond that, we always include these 4 factors into consider HOW MANY links will be indexed for you.


1. Your content isn’t unique – no, I’m not saying go out there and write epic articles for all your backlinks. Not even in the slightest. BUT, it at least has to be readable and slightly different than your other backlinks. Even worse, if you have a campaign WITHOUT any content - then that's the #1 reason your links aren't indexing. Without content, it will be purely an SEO boost. As far as adding to a link count in your link check tool, it probably won't move up much.


2. Your links are posted in bad places – are you seriously mad because your social profile, comment, and forum links aren’t getting indexed? That worked years ago. Catch up.


3. You’re posting on sites with “noindex” – Yes, some websites place this tag on new pages. So, make sure you watch out for this.


4. You’re posting on spammy platforms – the credibility of the platform you’re posting your links on is essential to your index rate. So, if you’re only posting on spammed-to-death sites, then your links may not get indexed. While we have no problem with our site lists, as we generate unique sites to post to on every new campaign - we cannot speak for others.

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