Can You Rank My Website Page 1?

In Short - "Yes" - but here is the secret about SEO, everything is fluid and changing EVERYDAY on Google, if you don't keep up like the top competitors with a strong blogging & link gaining strategy on a regular on-going basis - there's no way to STAY ranked. (PERIOD)


*Keyword competition- IS THE FIRST FACTOR when discussing the timing AND budget for an SEO campaign to rank a website. 

Obviously low competition keywords take less time & money to rank for in the organic search results. General or “root keywords” are NOT worth trying to rank for many small businesses because they take MUCH more resources to rank & do not convert as well overall. When doing keyword research we focus on long-tail & niche-specific keywords that provide better “solution-based” results (leading to targeted traffic), keywords that have buying-intent and are generally easier to rank.



We can put together a custom (Penguin & Hummingbird safe) Off-site SEO campaign to rank your keywords. Typically rankings can take anywhere from 6-12 months (depending on the keyword competition & content strategy). If we’re doing your keyword research, most low competition keywords (0-25) require a MINIMUM of 4 months to see a solid increase in their website rankings. For slighter higher competition terms it will take 6-12 months.


If you have a local business, we offer a 6 month ranking guarantee package – simply message us for details. And with our guaranteed ranking package – we research 1,000 keywords within your niche before we even start!



We realize our Guaranteed Ranking Package will not fit everyone. We also offer a la carte’ Fiverr services so that we can deliver smaller marketing tasks to you at an affordable price. *If you cannot afford a ranking package – we recommend using our high PR backlink building services on a monthly basis to at least boost your website traffic on a consistent basis and increase your rankings slowly and steadily. The added benefit to this is that your backlink strategy will look very natural to Google as long as it’s consistent.



Realistically, ranking first page on Google isn’t something that happens overnight and nor is it something that can be done with a single click of a button. Most sites are way off in position 500+ before acquiring our services so in order to get first page Google rankings for any keyword takes in-depth planning, competitor research, engaging content published on a consistent basis, proper site optimization, strong back linking, on-going campaigns and time.


After the most recent Google updates, tons of spammy-links are NOT going to cut it to rank a site anymore. More is not always better – Our motto for backlinks is slow & steady and quality over quantity! Over the years, Google will only continue to become more strict & “human-like” in their site requirements for the top 10 ranking positions. As you can see in the .JPG attachment below the more a company blogs, the more traffic and leads the site will receive over time, so it’s important to begin building now and invest into your online property for the long-term.



It's difficult to say off-hand exactly how much it will cost to rank your website - there's a lot of different factors involved, however, if you’re a local business, our guaranteed ranking special – will be the best value for the amount of marketing.


If you don’t have a local business, our suggestion to start is this:

Order a $5 gig and we will research your keywords and tell you the kw competition score for up to 5 keywords


*After that is done we’ll be able to quote you on a price on how much content marketing and link building will be needed to rank for those keywords.  


Start by ordering here:


I hope this helped give you a more realistic view in search engine optimization.


We look forward to helping you reach your goals!



The “A” Team At Overdrive Strategies

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