Why Isn't My Keyword in The Title OR What Is My Keyword

There are often multiple reasons a title is written as it is, these often follow the 3 rules of creating captivating written content:

1) Your title should entice the buyer to click from the search engine results. This means, you're titles may not include your keyword exactly because clickthroughs are more important to us.

2) A keyword may not be the exact 5/10/15/20 keywords that you are focusing on right now. The reason behind this is that re-using the same keyword (exact match) over and over again is BAD SEO PRACTICE. This confuses Google on which page to show for that keyword because you have multiple parts of your site dedicated to an exact match keyword. Whereas, we naturally write for "exact match" and "keyword phrases" so that "as Google sees fit", one of the pages will naturally surface as the "Authority Page to Google" for "XYZ keyword". When Google has shown us what page it considers as an authority, we can then push more exact match anchor text for the keywords it correlates your page to.

3) Oftentimes, articles are written with a keyword in mind (unless articles are re-writes) and that may OR may not mean that your keyword is mentioned throughout it naturally. Why? Because of readability. Sometimes inserting a long keyword is hard and can make the article seem out of place when you run into a sentence like:

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