I'm Producing Content But I'm Not Getting Traffic

The question is, what keywords are you targeting in each of your articles or writings? If you are trying to target high competition terms that are hard to rank keywords like: lawyer, insurance, reviews, marketing, online marketing, etc. then of course you will have little to no traffic.

*Remember 79% of the total Google traffic comes from Page 1 - Position 1. 

Position #2 gets 51%, position #3 - 35%, position #4 - 18% and position #5 - 11%


When you produce this type of content, you need to laser focus on what you are delivering to your audience AND also what "keyword" you are delivering to Google/Yahoo/Bing to rank.


If you start with looking at long tail and terms with low keyword competition - they will be much easier to rank for.  With consistent blogging, you'll notice that you may only get 10-15 visitors a month for each of your articles (that's ok). The reason you want to do this, is because when you write an article every day or two, you'll come back in a year and have 100+ articles that are delivering 2,000+ targeted searches every month. This is a very rough estimate and yet still conservative but consistency is the key!


 As you'll see in the .JPG attachment below from - the more articles you publish and the more often you publish them, the more traffic and conversions you'll see.


Some industries rake in 100,000+ viewers a month, others only need that 2,000+ to make 100K this year (think high ROI conversions). When all is said and done, the traffic will come from A) The quality of your content + title B) The amount of content you produce + how often C) The keywords that you target

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