Why Should I Write Articles Every Month

There are quite a number of reasons for writing materials - the major one is the fact that Google ranks websites purely from the WRITTEN CONTENT they have on their website, of course it must be original.


The list of others, is below, for writing includes: Traffic increases, higher rankings for keywords, inner pages ranking, increased Domain Authority, increased Page Authority, long tail keywords (not tracked) are ranked for, and much much more! Below is just a case study where we compared 2 companies who DID and DID NOT do article writing for their websites.




  • both had no Page 1 rankings
  • in same industry/niche
  • in same city
  • had similar websites on WordPress
  • had less than 1,000 local visitors a month
  • had only a difference of 14% in their conversion amounts (WEBSITE-2 won)


WEBSITE-1, we had do article marketing to the MAX, 1 article every day, 365 articles after 1 year.


WEBSITE-2, we had write (0) content for their blog. We specifically tracked LEADS and CONVERSIONS from our efforts in Article Writing.


When we first started, there was no difference for almost 5-6 months, but then all of a sudden, at the 1 year mark, the differences were amazingly easy to see. The rankings for WEBSITE-1 were almost DOUBLE that of WEBSITE-2. Even more so, the leads that were gathered from WEBSITE-1 grew with the article marketing, while WEBSITE-2 lived and died by Google rankings day-by-day.


WEBSITE-1 also had more people re-visiting the website while shopping around with different companies in the local area. However, WEBSITE-2 had usually 1-time visitors that either called them immediately or bounced. This only changed when WEBSITE-2 got Page 1 rankings, but immediately went back to normal when they fell to Page 2 for a day or more.

The final nail in the coffin was this statistic brought to us after we'd posted 400+ blog posts to their website. When we saw this, we realized that article marketing for WEBSITE-1 delivered 247% more leads than WEBSITE-2 with just Google Page 1 rankings. Mind you, both websites ranked on Page 1 of Google with us, but only WEBSITE-1 tripled it's business this year because of article marketing!


The sheer amount of leads gotten from waiting patiently for over a year and working with us, has lead to WEBSITE-1 signing a 4 year SEO & Article Writing contract with them, as they see no sign of ever stopping their content writing schedule after seeing how much money it can garner.


So this is why we recommend article writing on a monthly basis to you so persistently. We know what good it can do for you and your website.


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