Do You Offer Phone Support

Short answer, yes. We offer 15 minutes FREE whenever a prospect/client is looking to utilize a new service - thus needing a new strategy/proposal. However, updates for campaigns, quick notes, proposal fixes, etc. are handled via email after the initial phone call.

Please comprehend, we have literally 100's of clients every month. And whenever someone communicates via personal emails ( or via phone (past 1st consultation), the rest of our staff doesn't know what happened or needs to be done next.

See, our support ticket system here is the "HUB" where everyone logs in and gathers together every day - all day, in fact. And anyone in our team can communicate seamlessly with each other on the next task at hand (usually YOU). So for everyone's sake, please keep all communication to our Support Center where we can GUARANTEE that we'll assist you more efficiently than any other way!

Our support team and our delivery team our 2 separate divisions. So we have both teams communicating with you in ONE PLACE, insuring everyone knows what is going on in your project/campaign, what needs to be done next, who needs to do it, and much much more!

So, if you want additional phone support, please utilize purchase 30 or 60 minutes of Consultation Time and we'll have someone answering your questions right away.

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