What Happens at Each Phase of Your Keyword Research

If you look at the bottom of your file, you will notice tabs that show every step of our research and how we came to the best keyword conclusions for you and your niche.

Seed Research/Start Page/Page 1: We utilize Google Keyword Planner and the region identified by Google as your most targeted audience. I.E. if you have a domain, Google will search inside the UK for similar keywords unless you have previously told Google through Webmaster Tools that you target a different region/territory.


Filter 1/Page 2: All keywords receiving an extremely large (2,000+) or a low amount (0) searches is automatically delete from here.


Filter 2/Page 3: All keywords that do not fit with our standards (buying keyword + KW value), do not relate to your niche, do not receive enough searches for the average will be deleted.


Chosen Keywords: We do a KC/Keyword Ranking research where we investigate multiple factors for your keywords explained elsewhere in our Support Center. From here, we do an analysis of the keywords based on Value VS Keyword Competition and choose 5/10/15 focus keywords you should utilize within your site.

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