Articles and Google's Aggregate Ranking Algorithm

The reason we suggest you have articles written is because a single 400-800 word article can rank for up to 2-3 long tail keyword phrases!


Why is this important?

Because Google continues to become more intelligent as it invests heavily into the Artificial Intelligence programs. All this new-found processing speed for filtering through a googolplex of pages, equates to sometimes amazingly simple and natural changes that only come with a trillion working hands (A.I. speaking). One of these recent changes is the Google Aggregrate Ranking Algorithm.


What is it?

Simply put, the more long tail keywords you rank for, the more authority your domain has for those root keywords. Thus you see yourself naturally ranking for harder short tail keywords. This is called aggregation, the more you rank, the easier it is to rank harder words.

  • EXAMPLE: Rank for used cars tampa fl 33618, used cars tampa florida, used cars in tampa florida - all having the root keyword of "used cars tampa" which is usually more highly searched because it has less words to type in Google. You will find your ability to rank for this keyword taking less effort, time, money and chances for failure.


As shown in the .JPG attachment - Consistent Blogging Helps Not Only Rankings - But Traffic & Conversions As Well!


What does it all mean?

It means you should focus on getting easy keywords to the top, build for your future and watch how a year from now, those "impossible" keywords your previous SEO companies & competitors couldn't rank, come within your reach finally!



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