What Is Covered In Your Standard Optimization

Stamdard Homepage Optimization:

For every client ordering optimization services, we optimize your homepage for multiple factors. Here are the factors considered important in our standard on-page optimization:

  • Perfect Title Tag (under 67 characters)
  • Meta Description (under 156 characters)
  • Keyword Description (under 255 characters)
  • Image ALT Tags with Keyword
  • Bold Keyword
  • Italicized Keyword
  • Underlined Keyword
  • External Hyper Linked Anchor Text
  • Internal Hyper Linked Anchor Text
  • H1 - H6 Tags
  • Content OVER 400 Words
  • Proper Long Tail Keyword Usage
  • Pingbacks & Comments Disabled On-Page
  • Yoast 100% Customized (WordPress Only)
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