Website Says "This site may be hacked." on Google Search

Basically, your website is no longer safe and has malware on it. There are a few things that really need to happen to fix this:

We had this happen to a client once because they didn't change the passwords after our installation. If not fixed, the website rankings will drop like a rock and click through rates go to almost ZERO if not fixed ASAP.

First all the passwords must be changed IMMEDIATELY for the site.

Then the one of the most important thing to do is perform a full scan through the hosting files + the CMS files to remove the hack, it usually runs Overdrive Strategies $100 to $200 depending on time it takes.

After all this, we register with Google Analytics, upload the Analytics domain verification file to your hosting to confirm it's your site and then we'll submit a manual review of the site to show them we have gotten rid of the hacked files.

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