Total Video Domination Package

If the marketing team at Overdrive Strategies had to pick just one social media network – I think our favourite would be YouTube. That’s why our Total Video Domination Package is so popular! YouTube videos are probably the single best social media marketing investment any business could make! Why? Because whether you’re selling products, ebooks, courses, real estate, cars, or just want more website traffic – once a video is published, think of it like an automated salesperson ready to do the selling for you 24/7 – 365 days a year!


Video Creation

We offer multiple types of Video creation. For $80, you will receive a 60-120 second video from any of these video styles: WhiteBoard, Voiced Testimonials, Promo, Trailer, Get to Know Me, General Marketing, or Video Portfolio


Video Optimization

Our video optimization includes one YouTube video to be optimized for 1 keyword phrase. We will edit your title, tags, keywords, and video description based on 12 factors from the Top 10 YouTube videos ranking for your focus keyword.



Once we’ve created, optimized and uploaded your video, next we’ll begin an SEO campaign to begin ranking that video in YouTube and Google. We’ll first build backlinks to begin ranking for your keyword on YouTube and once we’ve achieved the first page, we’ll move on to ranking it in Google.

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