What Is Anticipated ROI Research?

ROI (return on investment) is a very important metric, even more important than sales or conversions, because it takes into account the cost of the investment. Common business sense dictates that if an investment doesn’t yield a positive ROI or if there are other marketing channels that can produce a higher ROI then the investment from that particular marketing channel should be withdrawn and spent elsewhere. At the end of the day, the numbers tell you what to do. But you can’t analyze what’s not being tracked…

Thus, it becomes very important that we begin by calculating the anticipated ROI before starting an SEO campaign to give a better idea as to how profitable the campaign will be and how much traffic (and content marketing) will be needed to earn back a 100%+ ROI.


(100% ROI means if you spend X, you earn 2X in return.)

Anticipated ROI is estimated return on the campaign and Actual ROI is the return that was actually made from the campaign.

What Companies Should Order the Anticipated ROI Research package?

Anticipated ROI Research is perfect for companies who want more website exposure online and know their financial goals but aren’t quite sure how much traffic (or marketing) will be needed to make it possible. It’s also great for larger companies who may be wondering about ROI and how much to invest into SEO services.

What We Need Before We Can Begin:

Before we can calculate anticipated ROI, we must have three pieces of information from you:

  1. Average # of monthly website visits
  2. Rate of Conversion on the website (leads or sales)
  3. Average order value (or average commission value)

If you don’t have these 3 values beforehand then, we cannot do ‘anticipated ROI’ calculations.

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