What Is Included In Your Market Research Package?

We start out by searching for your top 5 direct competitors based on your target keywords. We analyze: their keywords, on-page optimization, content/blogging strategy, social media activity, link building strategy, and perform a backlink analysis (up to 1,000 back links) so you can see the kind of competition you’re going up against.

Once we’ve gathered the marketing strategies of your competitors, we’ll also research into your target audience. We’ll dig into social sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, BuzzFeed, AllTop by searching your keywords and analyzing the results. We’ll also search for industry-specific sites and forums as well. Our goal is to provide you with our findings so you will have a stronger marketing strategy since you’ll know what platforms will be most valuable to reach your target audience, what types of content you’ll need to reach them and know which current topics/keywords are getting the most response at the moment.

This information will help you see how you differ from your direct competitors and seek out an area you can dominate that perhaps they’ve overlooked. Our research will also help you come up with intriguing blog post ideas, creative social posts or even email opt-in ideas to get more leads. It will also be a great help for our marketing team as they craft and build your unique presence online.

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