Optmization Differences Between Basic, High & Ultra Quality

Basic Quality

This will have a strong SEO focus and optimization towards inserting keywords. The writing will not be as smooth as a high or ultra quality article - so we utilize this "roughness" to insert long-tail keywords.


High Quality

The focus is primarily on the readability and deliver-ability of the message. Is there a specific call to action, does it give emotion, show knowledge of the industry/problem? If so, you have a high quality article - the SEO may be lacking; however, the user engagement is more important at this point.


Ultra Quality

Does the article prose a certain bravado? Does it curtail the English language around it's written words? If so, you are without a doubt reading an ultra quality article. Written by experts who strictly focus on the marketing and English language - you will always find that you have an article that leaves the audience's palette wanting more... and lo-and-behold should they find your link do so at the bottom - LIKE HERE.

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