What Are Manual Permanent Links and Manual 301 Permanent Links?

Breaking it down is simple...

Manual = Done by Hand = Best Quality

301 = 100% Website Link Juice Directed to YOU = Best Link Juice Ever

Permanent = Will Not Be Removed = Longevity Until Domain Expires

Link = Link Juice (Passing on authority) = #1 Ranking Factor in Google


The Process:

If you actually wanted to do what we do... well you wouldn't, but if you want to know - here's how the 3 Step Process breaks down.

  1. Send out emails to webmasters by researching high quality domains via 10 ranking factors (DA, PA, PR, Age, Links, Moz TF, Moz mR, Relevance, Link History, Inner PR). They must meet certain requirements, namely DA (Domain Authority) 40+, Age 2 yr+, Links 1K+, Link History 95%+ Clean, Moz TF 5+, Moz mR 4+, PR 1+, PA 40+, Inner PR 1+) Those are the factors, find websites with this authority, get the webmasters emails, create a relationship with them, guest blog on their network, add your link with DO FOLLOW. You have now built ONE LINK like we do. It takes around 20-30 man hours without software, with software, it still takes 4-5 hours per link.
  2. Research expiring domains with all the same values found in #1, only you own the domains and 301 redirect them via .htaccess to transmute 100% SEO juice to you. The average domain that meets the above criteria usually sells for $250-$500.
  3. Private Blog Networks. Get in touch and usually pay a king's ransom to get into the best PBNs out there. Typical costs are 1 blog post on 100 High PR Blogs for $100-220.

We of course utilize #1 & #2 the most because #3 will insure that we keep paying the most and have the lowest ROI for your investment in the long haul. Remember, it's better to build right and build slow.

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