What If I've Seen A Drop In My Rankings?

If you find that your rankings have temporarily dropped - relax, it's normal for a site to experience ranking fluctuations especially after starting or re-starting link building practices.

 This is called the “Google Dance” and once you’ve built up credibility and authority with the search engines the Google bots see the consistency of your site's content and link building practices, the fluctuations in your ranking positions will become less sporadic.

Occasionally you will fall from PAGE 1 – down to PAGE 2 for some of your keywords for moments at a time. We even have keywords we’ve dominated for YEARS – and when a new Google Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird/Pigeon update comes – we find ourselves having to rebuild and climb back up again.

*Keep in mind, that Google is an ever-updating search engine so new content, and media is being released, indexed and marketed 24/7 – keyword rank fluctuations will always be a part of SEO and ranking in Google. It requires a long-term strategy, effective marketing techniques & patience to be #1!  Even after you're there, it takes continued marketing to STAY at the top!

We just want you to know, we're here to help you for the long-haul! 

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