I Need A Translation For All The Text Message Marketing Lingo.



Application Programming Interface. Use our API to connect your application to ours to send automatic SMS and MMS messages.


Google smartphone operating system


A type of communication which converts instant, important information


Software solutions that power business solutions and their mobile marketing integration


Short for application, a piece of software that runs on your device

Auto Response

An automatically generated SMS text message sent in response to inbound messages that is configured in Messenger



Bar Code

A representation of data which is readable by any Smart phone with the right software downloaded


A communication tool which enables mobile devices equipped with a special chip to send and receive information wirelessly in short ranges

Bulk SMS

A term used to describe mass SMS sends at one time


Or web browser. The application that is used to browse websites. Common browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer

Broadcast Messaging

Sending messages to multiple people at once

Batch SMS

See: Bulk SMS

Business mobile marketing

See: Business SMS

Business mobile surveys and forms

See: Business SMS

Business SMS

The process of sending SMS messages for purely business purposes. You can use Bulk SMS or API messaging for transactional SMS messages.

Business texts

See: Business SMS



Charity Short Code

A five digit text number which can be used to generate donations charged to mobile phones. For Registered charities only

Call to action

A prompt to encourage the reader/user to act upon an invitation to contact, click, message or download


A tool within Messenger which allows instant text communications between a Messenger user and a mobile handset


Code Devision Multiple Access


See: Network Operator

Click through

The count of mobile users who have clicked on a mobile web link in your text message

CRM Application

Customer Relationship management application


The count of letters, numbers, spaces and symbols in your text message



Data Cleansing

A function in Messenger - locate invalid mobile numbers in your contact list and remove


The coding you need to integrate our API gateway

Delivery Report

A report provided by the network used to send the message to inform of it's delivery status

Dedicated Inbound Number

A virtual mobile number which is used only by you

Dedicated Short Code

A five digit text number only used by you



Email to SMS

Configure your email account with Messenger and send emails which we will convert to text messages for you

Economy Routes

Also known as grey routes. Unreliable, indirect networks used to send text messages with low delivery rates



Free Text Short Code

A five digit text number which is completely free of charge for the sender. You cover the cost with 2 credits per message

Forms for Mobile

See: Mobile Surveys




The entrance to our Messenger platform


Global Sytem for Mobile Communications


A virtual set of boundaries around a certain geographical area

Grey Routes

Also known as economy routes. Unreliable, indirect networks used to send text messages with low delivery rates




A mobile phone or device. One is not required to use the Textlocal services. Outbound messages are sent to handsets




An area of your Messenger account where inbound messages are stored


Apple's smartphone device

Invalid Number

A phone number which is no longer in use or has an incorrect amount of digits




Unsolicited communications




A dedicated word to your account that you hold on one of our shared numbers. All messages sent to a shared number need to start with a keyword so our system knows which account to direct the message too


Key Performance Indicator


Kilo Byte




API different scripts per language

Location Based Services

Mobile marketing directed to people based on their current location

Large SMS Send

See: Bulk SMS



Mobile Web Page / Site

An online page or website that is optimised for mobile browsing

Mobile Coupon

A coupon that is sent via SMS, MMS or mobile web page which can be redeemed at relevant venue

Mobile App

An application written and supported on mobile devices

Mobile Marketing

Marketing to mobile devices

MMS Message

A picture message, sound clip or video

Mobile database

A collection of mobile telephone numbers


The online Textlocal service that can be logged into from any internet enabled PC, laptop, Mac or tablet

Mobile Surveys

Surveys or Forms that are optimised for the smaller screens of mobile devices, but still contain a rich set of features.

Multiple SMS Send

See: Bulk SMS



Native App

An application written for a certain mobile operating system


Near Field Communication. Some mobiles can now be placed near to chip and pin machines to make a payment

Network Operator

The company to which your mobile device connects to, such as o2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile



Opt-In, opt-out

The name given to differentiate whether a mobile number has given permission to text them, or if they have chosen to not receive your messages anymore



Postcode look up

Our system can perform a look up of pre entered information dependant on a post code given in a text message, allowing an automatic response to be sent back with relevant information to the users postcode

Premium SMS

SMS messaging which bills the user a set amount. Textlocal does not offer this service



QR Code

A quick response code which is a square patterned representation of data which is readable by any Smart phone with the right software downloaded



Receive SMS online

You can receive texts online with Textlocal's Messenger via one of our inbound numbers.

Receive text messages online

See: Receive SMS online

Receiving business MMS

Receive a multimedia message via one of Textlocal's inbound MMS numbers.

Receiving picture messages

See: Receive MMS online


Networks provide reports for SMS & MMS messages delivered, undelivered and invalid


Return on Investment. A way to measure the results of a campaign


Reselling the Textlocal service to gain commission



Short Code

A five digit text number

Social Connect

A function built into Messenger which pushes outbound SMS to your social networks

Smart Phone

Internet ready mobile phones which can do a lot more than call and send SMS

SMS message

Short Message Service

Sender Name

The name or number that appears as the 'from' name on the receiving handset

Simple Reply Service

An option to use as a sender name which can be replied to. Each message costs 1.5 sms credits


Agreeing to receive on-going mobile communications from one certain company


Unsolicited communications

Short Links

A tool in Messenger that creates shorter web links to use up less characters

SMS Surveys and Forms

See: Mobile Surveys



Text Credit

A unit which you can buy in bulk, one credit it worth one 160 character text message

Text Message

A short message service

Text Donation

A donation made to a charity via a mobile handset. The specified amount is billed from a the mobile phone bill

Text Registration

A persons registration of interest to a product/company via text message

Text to Win

Using an SMS Short Code which people can text with their answer to a competition question


Images which can be sent to mobile handsets to be scanned upon redemption

Text Application Forms

See: Mobile Surveys




Inputting your mobile phone data into your contact base on Messenger via an excel sheet


Uniform Resource Locator



Validity Period

A set time in which your SMS/ MMS messages will be sent

VoIP/ Voice Activation/Voice Recognition

The translation of spoken words into text




Wireless local area network allow wireless access to the internet. Needed to send/receive MMS or view Mobile Web Pages


WLAN, which stands for Wireless Local Area Network, is when a mobile user connects to a local area network via a wireless connection




Extensible mark-up language



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