Can You Really Guarantee Page 1 in 6 Months?

In short, "Yes".   Although our team does not own Google nor can we foresee any algorithm changes before they happen, we have time-tested methods that allow us to feel confident in our guarantee. We start out by doing specific in-depth keyword research for each and every client to ensure at least 30% of their total keywords will be able to be ranked page 1 within 6 months.

We have found that a newer site can begin seeing movement within the top 100 positions in the Google SERPs within about 3-4 months (90-120 days) but every site starts out at a slightly different place.  Once a site has reached the top 100 positions, it is generally easier for us to continue building up your brand’s authority to help further increase your ranking positions. 

Although change is the only constant in SEO and in life; our SEO team ensures you're always in good hands by staying up-to-date with the latest industry changes and adjusting our techniques as needed.

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