How Soon Can I Expect To Rank Page 1?

There are always a few really simple rules to follow in Google ranking.

  • Content is King
    1. If you don't write about keyword "xyz" in articles, posts and events - Google won't have content to index. So you won't rank for those terms.
  • Quality is Queen
    1. If you want to be Top 10 – you need well written articles and content on your page to have users spend more time on your site than others. Then you rank higher.
  • On Page Optimization
    1. Once you’ve optimized certain keywords in your pages you have the trifecta
  • Backlinks
    1. The final ingredient is other website linking to you and your content to show Google your authority and trust for keyword “xyz”


Remember, what Matt Cutts of Google told us about them ranking sites that:

  • Have relevant content/information to popular keywords being searched
  • Show good signs of high (expert-level) authority, trust & credibility
  • Are popular pages based on topic, traffic, and social interactions
  • That link & network to other popular, relevant, high authority sites

In short - It All Just Depends On Where You’re Starting From

We find it helps to think of your website the same way you’d see a small ship lost out at “sea” (the Search Engine Results) and Page 1 is the “shoreline”.

Creating back links from other high PR and authority domains is like being "towed into shore" from the link juice that gets passed on to your website.

If you’re site is out in “deep water” meaning, position 500+, like most sites are that haven’t done much previous SEO, then there’s a good amount of work that will need to be done to increase your website exposure and rankings.

I can tell you that newer sites with little to no authority will take longer to start "reaching the shoreline" (a.k.a ranking) than sites that have been building for a while or have a history of SEO. 

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