Doesn’t Automated Link Building Create Spammy Links?

Since the recent Google Panda and Penguin update SEO engineers have had to be more choosey with how they build their semi-automated campaigns. We require that all domains are English-based only, PageRank 3 and above, and have no more than 50 outbound links to avoid spammy sites. We target these sites based on your specific keywords. The domains will be (60-80%) relevant and will include 35-40% generic anchor text (any more and it looks unnatural to Google). We do use tiers for larger campaigns and building backlinks to the inner pages of your website once the homepage has started ranking.

This type of link building can be compared to eating carbs – they’ll fill you up and get you where you need to go, but too much for too long and your link profile can start to look bloated AKA “unnatural” – I’d recommend no more than 12 months of automated-link building at a time. *You shouldn’t need more than that to meet your goals if you're targeting good keywords any way.

Typical link building methods like this range widely in terms of pricing and also in quality. We have packages starting as low as $745/mo.  Our manual link building services are included with our larger packages starting at $1495/mo.

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