How Do I Get People To Text In & Subscribe?

There are numerous ways of getting people to text in to your short code. Remember though, just because you advertise a short code doesn't mean that people will automatically text in - you need a strong WIFM (What's In it For Me). Some good reasons why people will be happy to give you their number include:

  1. Offers and Promotions - People will text in if they know they will get discounts, offers or special invitations etc.
  2. Brochure Requests - Encourage people to text in to receive a brochure to their phone, email or both
  3. Confirmations and Reminders - These are helpful for the recipient and have the added benefit of reducing missed appointments
  4. Alerts and Information - Due to its immediacy, text is perfect to send out urgent alerts and information
  5. Discount Codes - Everybody enjoys a discount, so what better reason for texting your Short Code
  6. Text to Vote - Run an easy to use text to vote system to gather information, polls and opinions
  7. Text to Win Competitions - Ask people to text your short code for a chance to win a prize
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