How Can Text Message Marketing Help My Business?

Text Message Marketing for Retail

In retail, in-store promotions only work as well as the marketing and advertising behind them. Slick Text allows you to quickly and easily spread the word to your best customers with a simple SMS marketing message. People respond much quicker to text messages than any other form of communication. Attach picture to any outgoing text campaign and see an even greater response!


Text Message Marketing For Restaurants

Wouldn't it be great if you could let your best customers know about an un-advertised dinner deal, special, or last minute dinner reservation opening? Furthermore, what if you could include a picture of something tasty to wet their whistles? Well you can! With Slick Text, you can easily send text marketing & MMS marketing messages to your patrons with the click of a button.


Text Message Marketing For Schools

With people as busy as they are today, keeping parents in the loop on events, date changes, and cancellations is hard work! They don't regularly check their email, phone broadcast systems are intrusive, not as quick and rather expensive. text message marketing is the new alternative! Slick Text makes communicating to hundreds or thousands of student's parents a snap!


Text Message Marketing For Churches

Many churches have already discovered the power of Slick Text! Text message marketing for ministries enhances church communication and youth communication like never before. You can send inspirational messages, prayer chain requests, event reminders, donation requests, pictures, cancellation notifications and more!

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