How Do You Create The Links?

Most of our links are created via semi-automated software.  This is what 98% of SEO companies out there use for their off-page SEO services. While I cannot speak on the quality of other companies; I can say that our company utilizes the highest possible quality during all of our semi-automated link building techniques including submitting at a DRIP-FEED rate.

This ensures the link building will look natural. Sure 300 links a day sound like a lot - but if you have 300 links a day - every single day +/- 50, with some getting removed every now and again - then Google will see this and believe it to be 100% natural. The key is consistency and quality.

*Manual back link building is included with our 'Standard' & 'Overdrive' Packages. Most manual back links are for .edu / .gov websites and industry-related sites with high domain authority. 

We comprehend if you do not wish to go the semi-automated route for your link building efforts.  If you would like us to use ONLY manual link building efforts for your SEO package the additional cost will start at $5,000 per month and will include 10 professionally researched and expert-written articles (1000 words) each month.

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