What Does The Keyword Competition Mean

Keyword Competition (KC) is the rating that we assess you on the competition to get ranked PAGE 1 in Google. When we look at your KC rating – it has been boiled down and simplified for a SINGULAR NUMBER READING. In order to achieve the KC we look at:

  • Top 10 Competitors for EACH KEYWORD
  • Top Level Domain Match
  • Keyword In Domain
  • Title Tags
  • Description Tags
  • Page Rank
  • Domain Age
  • Page Authority
  • Back Links (Majestic SEO)
  • Juice Page Links
  • Domain Authority
  • mozRank
  • And More…

All of this is taken into account for EVERY INDIVIDUAL KEYWORD we research, from the entire pool of 300+ keywords we deliver when you are a client. So you can see this is a lot of work (and it’s just the one step).


NOTE: See attachment for a preview of what information we research for one keyword [London Cleaners]. This is not the 55+ page SEO report for ONE KEYWORD, this is Organic Keyword Competition research.

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