How & What Do I Need To Begin?

Everyone starts from 3 positions:

  1. NEW WEBSITE – you have nothing and need to get online ASAP.
  2. NEW THEME/CMS – a new professional and engaging design.
  3. WEBSITE UPDATE – a few things need to be changed and upgraded.


1. If you need a NEW WEBSITE – fortunately, we can create some great plans for you within a reasonable amount of time. In fact, a new website from scratch is quicker to create than a website theme update. The reason is – old websites have lots of designs and functions that will not convert to a manageable CMS and mobile/dynamic design upgrade. All that extra work to get everything in line – it takes more time. New websites always contain the following: Homepage, Contact, About, Service, Blog – all content being SEO optimized with content creation made easy by WordPress.


2. If you need a NEW THEME/CMS – we have a great team that can make what normally is “a painful transition” into a smooth ride. We’ve handled over 300 website designs as a team and have a depth of experience that most website design “focused” companies cannot offer. Just contact us with your website URL + CMS (WordPress, Drupal, HMTL, etc) – we’ll look at how many pages and how long the transfer process will be and send you a quote back in 48 hours.


3. If you need a WEBSITE UPDATE – there are lots of viable solutions; however, at the end of the day – we here at Overdrive Strategies have found that “ordinary website updates” end up as construction jobs that result in bills that are higher than a FULL WEBSITE RE-DESIGN. Almost 80% of our WEBSITE UPDATE projects end up like this. Therefore, we professionally urge clients who wish to take our advice – look towards a NEW THEME/CMS and you will actually save money + be happy with a design you can manage and fall in love with.


Once we've given you a quote on your website - we will also offer an estimated completion date. Once we have the first 50% deposit to start (50% when we are complete) we will gather your information in a single 24 hour period and begin development.

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