What Do These Ranking Projections Mean?

These ranking projections are taken very seriously by our SEO Engineers because it gives us a guideline to go by and know how your SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position) should be rising and at what rate is safe and allowed by Google.

As of our current projections (2014 Q4) they are divided into:

  • KC Rating 1-20 = 60 days
  • KC Rating 20-25 = 90 days
  • KC Rating 26-30 = 150 days
  • KC Rating 30-35 = 180 days
  • KC Rating 36-40 = 240 days
  • KC Rating 40+ = Contact Us

NOTE: Only the hardest keywords and most intense niches bring about KC Ratings over 40. Some examples would be a carpet cleaner in New York City or a web development firm covering all the UK.

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